Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of THOSE days

You know, you never think it will be one of "those" days when you wake up. It seems like just an ordinary, regular, same ol' same ol' day when it starts. You get out of bed, you make the coffee, you let the dog out, you get ready to shower, you complete your morning routine. You are now dressed, made up and ready to go. It's all good! Then IT happens. What is IT you ask?

You get ready to walk out the door to go to the workshop you have been attending and your purse is missing....not totally unusual...You have been known to set it down in other than the normal spot. You don't panic, yet. But today is different. Today it is not in ANY of the normal spots.

"Hmmmmmmmm", you say, "let me think(as panic begins to set in) ....where did I have that last. I know I had it yesterday when I attended the workshop, I had to have it because that is where my keys to the car are and I couldn't have driven there without it. Oh yeah....I put it in the back of the car."

THE BACK OF THE CAR?!? Oh no, it can't be....but it is. The purse is in the back of the car...the car is locked...and hubby is already at work. Your workshop starts in 30 minutes....OK, it is officially now the start of one of THOSE days.

You call hubby and explain what is going on. He offers to come unlock the car...."No," you say, "I'll just call ****** and let her know that I won't be able to make it today - please pick up my stuff for me." You make the call, leave a voice mail asking her to call you back ASAP, sit down at the computer to get some work done, and the phone rings. It is hubby....

"Hey, how about ONSTAR? Can't they unlock the doors for you?"

Whoo, hoo! THAT day may be coming to a quicker end than anticipated....So, you call Onstar. You give them all the pertinent information (also store the number in your phone, which for some reason ISN'T in your purse, locked in the car....who knows how THAT happened). After a few minutes of checking out all the info the nice man from Onstar informs you that they will now connect to your car.

Tapping your toes you wait impatiently. "Hmmmmm, is your car outside?" the nice man asks.

"Why no," you reply, "it is in the garage. (Nice and safe from vandals, you think smugly to yourself.) OH, you realize....."Would it help the signal if I open the garage door?", you ask.

"Yes, that might help."

OK......open door. The signal has been successful...you give them a call back number after they inform you that it will take about 10 minutes and do NOT touch the door handles of the car. You wait. And wait. And wait. The phone rings....THAT day is not over yet.

"This is Onstar calling about your locked car. We have been unsuccessful in unlocking the car, we would like to try again."

"Please do!"

"We will call back in about 5 minutes, thank you for your patience."

You wait. And wait. And wait.

Your girlfriend calls back. You inform her you will be late for the meeting, that you are a complete dufus and locked your keys in the car, but Onstar will be rescuing you and you will get there eventually. She says she will let your team know....(you can hear her trying not to laugh while she is on the phone with you!)

Onstar calls back. "I'm sorry, we have been unsuccessful with unlocking your car after 4 tries."

It is definitely one of THOSE day. You call your girlfriend and let her know you WON'T be at the workshop after all...please pick up your materials for you, you call hubby and let him know you are stuck at the house, and you come back inside and laugh at yourself, for what else can you do but look at the humor of the situation. Life throws you curve balls when you least expect them....one of these days I'm going to take one of them and hit a home run with it!!!!

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