Friday, December 30, 2011

Juicing Day 3

Day 3 is supposed to be the last day you feel the effects of the detoxing while juicing.  I must say the effects so far for me haven't been terrible.  A caffine headache on day 1 that I calmed with Aleve and green tea.  I then used weaker green tea on day 2 and no green tea at all today and no headache.  No real bathroom issues either.  I have been tired, but that also seems normal between the holiday I'm pleased so far.  The worst has been being hungry.  Not the kind of hungry that you normally get between meals - at least not for me.  I usually snack on some kind of junk when I get hungry like that...this is more like my tummy saying "I'm empty - no, really, I'M EMPTY - FEED ME NOW!!!" hungry.  I've learned that a little hot lemon water or herbal tea helps quell the hunger until I get everything ready for my next juice.  I also do seem to be dropping a pound or two and that doesn't hurt!  I feel OK.  The real test will be when I have real stuff to do - will I have all the energy people that have done this say I will, will I really sleep better, what benefits will I see from here on out?

I'm still surprised at how full I do get with a glass of juice.  I'm learning how to put together different fruits with fruits, and veggies with veggies to make them both beneficial and tasty.  So far, not to bad a program to try. 

Only 2  more days until my 100 day challenge starts to go along with this!  Whoo-hoo!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the great juice experiment.  Pepaw was feeling a lot better, some residual pain from the caffine headache, but not nearly as bad as the night before.  We got up at the usual time and while he showered and walked the dog I set out to make the morning juice.  It was called "Purple Power" and was a mixture of blackberries, grapes, apple, and ginger.  It was quite yummy!

Pepaw left and went on to the store for the rest of his days supplies and I cleaned up and left everything out for Candy.  I went off to my room to read until the house began stirring.  When I got up I made the juice for Candy...shortly after she drank her's she had to go lay down for a bit.  MAJOR caffine headache and sick tummy.  That was it for her... she thinks she'll try again after the new year when she has eaten healthier and is caffine free (which she has now accomplished!) . We have also done some more research and found a "gentler" approach to balancing the juicing and detox effects that I think will work better for her.

As for me, I continued the plan with only minor side effects.  I had only 2 cups of green tea, so I am gently removing the caffine and I think that has helped.  I had a green lemonade for mid-day, then a mix of vegetables and fruits for lunch.  Dinner was pretty good although I'll admit I changed up the recipe a little for me because I found I don't tolerate the more sour juices well...I tolerate them ok, they are simply too strong for my palate, so I toned it down a little and it worked out well for me.

I find I was still quite tired in the evening, but it was manageable.  The most bizzare thing was that I dreamed of hamburgers last night!  Went to DQ and ordered but things kept happening and I never got to eat it!

Here is hoping for a great day 3!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Juice, juice, and more juice...

Christmas has been a great time for us this year.  It has been a blessing to have Chris, Candy, and the kids right here with us and to once again experience Christmas with little ones around - their excitement is so contagious!  Our shopping was long done so we were just chillaxin' most of this week - the kids were on holiday swim schedule so I was on my own from about 3 - 5 every day...that is when I would do my "chores".  We had started back on Weight Watchers and I was just rockin' along with that too...(actually had lost about two and a half pounds!)  Then it was Christmas Eve... Rick and I went shopping for Christmas goodies for lunch (just in case Cotton and Angel came over) and we weren't sure what the plans were for meals during the day)... We came home and made our healthy dinner and waited for the kids to get back from their Christmas Eve trip.

Christmas morning started early - but not as early for us as in the past 11 years when we would get up at 5:00 am or so and race to Lewisville so we could see the kids wake up and see their Santa presents.  This year we were able to sleep until about 7:30...ahhhhhhhhh....

We opened gifts amidst exclamations and cries of joy.  Everyone got what he/she wanted and more...again we are blessed.  That afternoon Cotton and Angel slipped away for a few hours and came to see us as well.  We had sandwiches and chips and cookies and talked and laughed and all was good...except for my diet of course, LOL.

The day after Christmas Chris had to travel for work so the rest of us went over to Cotton and Angel's to see their new house and their tree.  Cotton was very excited to show off the new remote control we had given him for Christmas.  They ordered pizza for us and we sat down to watch the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  Cotton had been telling us all about it for a couple of weeks and we were all excited to see the movie.  It is very inspirational!  In fact we all felt guilty eating the pizza! We had to laugh about that after the movie was over...After the show, we all talked about what happened in the movie.  Cotton and Angel had ordered a juicer and they were going to try to start eating healthier to see if that would help Cotton's migranes.  Rick, Candy, and I thought we'd like to give it a try too.  Sooooo.....

Tuesday morning I got up early with Rick and we went to the store to get some breakfast for us and lunch for him.  Now those who know us know this is pretty much our routine every day...the difference was in what we bought!  This day we bought some Naked juice.  I got enough for me and Candy. Then Rick also got some vegetable juice for his lunch and snacks. 

Candy and I tried the juice for breakfast - it was quite tasty!  Then we got the kids up and went to exchange some gifts and then we were off to Costco where we bought a Jack La Lane Power Juicer and LOTS of fruits and veggies.  When we got home we created our own lunch juices.  They were REALLY good!  The kids tried them and they kept asking for more!  Then it was off to Kroger to pick up the rest of the fruits and veggies we would need for the next couple of days.  You see....we are going to try the juice fast for about 10 days, then try to incorporate juicing into our normal routines...replacing some of the fast foods with good healthy fruits, nuts, and beans. Before we left to take the girls to swim practice, where we were going to meet Rick so Memaw and Pepaw could watch, we mixed up our first juices from the menu. Let me just say I'm so very glad this wasn't the first juice we tried!  It had beets and radishes in it and it smelled bad and didn't taste wonderful, but it was palatable and we all finished it.  Just part of the learning curve I guess.  Finding healthy combinations you like and weeding out those you don't.

I think my biggest surprise is how full you feel after a big glass of juice - and how long you feel full.  This isn't at all like the 3 day fast I did with our church several years ago!  The only problem so far has been caffine withdrawl headaches for all of us.  I have supplemented some green tea (which does have some caffine) but I'm cutting back a little each day to help with that.  In truth yesterday was a bit difficult with being quite tired at the end of the day too, but they say the first 3 days are pretty rough while all the junk you've been eating is removed from your body.  I'm hoping this is what I was feeling, and that it gets better.  I'll let you know how this journey goes, as well as how it incorporates in with my 100 day challenge!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starting over - kinda!

So the back issues made a bigger difference in my life than I had counted on. I guess after living with it for so many years with only occasional issues I assumed once I got it taken care of everything would go back to what it was before. Before it started bothering me more so my workouts became more "careful" and less "hard"...before I began skipping runs...before I started eating "carp"... before I began climbing stairs every day which caused the pain to become chronic and make me feel like it was all I could manage just to go to work and complete a day there...then reward myself with WHATEVER I WANTED to eat! You can't go on like that forever!
When I went back for my last check-up my Dr. said I could start running again. I guess in my mind that meant that running would be just like it was "before". Well friends, it wasn't! I would go run and it would feel good, then I would go back and I could feel something wasn't "right". So we would stop and wait some more.
I finally feel that 6 months out from the surgery I am really ready to get back. I've been to the gym a couple of weeks in a row. The second run was actually better than the first. I've had no pain medication at all for my back for over 3 months. BUT...I am also about 25 lbs heavier now. My runs AREN'T what they were 18 months ago... I run, then walk, then run, then walk. My PR yesterday was 2.65 miles in 32 minutes. I was ecstatic!
We are scheduled to "run" the Cowtown 1/2 marathon in February. I really need to get some runs in ... no I DON'T think I'm going to run the entire thing. I know I will probably walk more than I run, but 4 years ago I signed up for this 1/2 with a goal in mind...they had just started a new medal series of 5 medals that make up the Texas Star. I was going to get all 5. 2012 will make #4...I WILL finish that race.
To that goal I have rejoined Weight Watchers...we'll go to our first "return" meeting next Saturday. Secondly I have decided to take up the 100 day challenge...the main point of this is:
Choose to move, intentionally, for 30 minutes every day for the first 100 days of 2012. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it ON PURPOSE.
So that is what I am going to do. I don't call it a New Year's is simply my new goal...something that will stretch me and hopefully make me healthier in 2012!
Here I go again....running on towards the finish!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to it :)

Well, it has been nearly 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm well into recovery mode. I have walked over a mile at a 16 minute pace (their goal for me was 1 mile in 30 minutes - kinda blew that one out of the water didn't I?) When I went to my 2 week check up they were all very pleased with my progress. The nurse that walked us back to wait for the Dr. was amazed at how well I was moving and commented that I could walk as well as she could :) . The Dr. had them take more x-rays of my back and I was able to take a look at how much space they were able to put back in my spine. Where once it was bone on bone, now there is space in between.

Recovery has been slow but sure. At first I was having pain going down my left leg and my thigh felt like it had a pull or tear in it. When I talked to the Dr. about it she said the thigh pain came from them moving everything in my abdominal cavity to that side to do the for the other leg pain - that comes from nerves that have been coiled up for years suddenly being stretched out! They don't like that change very much. But the best news it that I don't seem to have the back pain at all now. Although it is too soon to tell what my pain level will end up being, right now it is looking pretty good.

So far I can go pretty much all day with no pain pills at occasional pill for muscle spasms in my leg is all I need. I still take the medication at night - I still want a full night of sleep pain free - and since I don't wear the brace while laying down and I do toss and turn a lot at night I just want to be sure I can sleep all the way through.

The brace is an inconvenience I put up with. It is a "chair back" brace and keeps me from bending or twisting too much or too quickly as well as offering support when I sit or stand while the bones in my back fuse together. In one more week I get to exchange the large chair back for a smaller model unless I am driving - I'm looking forward to that! I also go back for my next check-up at the end of July.

In the meantime my training will consist of walking as much as I can and want to (I'm trying for 5 days a week when life doesn't get in the way.) I wear the Garmin just so I can track how far and how fast I go. I am also trying to lose the weight I gained while I couldn't do much of anything. So far I'm down about 5 lbs. with too many more to go - but at least I'm making progress in the right direction again. The meds help here too because they make food tast funny and the brace makes me stop eating sooner because it is wrapped around my tummy and I get fuller faster - BONUS, LOL....

Anyway, I keep on keepin' on and hope I'll have more good news to report soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the Road to Recovery

I woke up really early on Wednesday morning - more nervous than anything....showered, got dressed, checked my little backpack of stuff to take to the hospital (for the 49 hundreth time), and we were off. The ride was uneventful...and check-in was a breeze. I had already pre-registered so I didn't have to go over the new patient stuff again, Kristine just verified the information and printed off my hospital scantrons and bracelets, etc. It seemed like it took forever but the sweet little gal came out and called my name and showed me to my "prep" room.

Then Esy came in. She would be my prep nurse, so she got to put in my IV and tell me a little of what to expect from the day. She also told me all the folks that would be coming to see me in the next 1/2 hour or so...I'm tellin' ya now...If you EVER need to get a large bore IV - get Esy...I didn't even feel it go in and I was watching! She is GOOOOOOOD! We joked and laughed as she finished her preparations. Then I got to meet the anesthesiologist, - Dr. Taylor, the fellow that would be assissting Dr. Shellock, the blood dr., the nerve specialist, the general surgeon that would do the initial open and close, and of course Dr. Shellock came in to meet me as well and see how I was holding up. It wasn't long after they all came in that Dr. Taylor came in and said we needed to get the show on the road. I waited expectantly for her to ask me to begin counting backwards - but I never heard it. The next thing I knew I was in my own little room - I even slept through the recovery area!

Rick stayed with me all day, Candy and the kids came by twice, I think, and Cotton and Angel came by to visit as well. It really means a lot that they were willing to come and see me!

Just a little after dinner time that evening I was able to get up and walk the ward. The walking wasn't too bad at all - it was more the getting up and down that took it out of me. After the walk Rick got all set up on the little (and I do mean little) hide-a-bed that was in the room and we both tried to get some rest.

Day 2 we woke up pretty early. I got some jello becasue by now I was pretty hungry. Dr. Shellock's fellow came by and was pleased with my progress. He gave the order that put me on a liquied diet instead of just clear liquids, so I was able to get some cream of wheat, chocolate milk, and V-8 juice for breakfast. The therapist came by about 10 and I was able to complete an entire lap around the ward with very little pain. Even the getting up and down was getting better. When Dr. Shellock came by she said I was ready to be cut loose! Whoo Hoo...they say that hardly ever happens...the normal stay is 2 days, but I was doing great.

We packed everything up so Rick could get it down to the car, they came and did some more vital checks and I was on my way home to recover.

I am so grateful for the Drs., nurses, staff, family and friends that left messages of encouragement and prayers for my speedy recovery. I continue to get better and stronger as each day goes on. My goal is to take it nice and slow, but still blow their minds with the recovery!

So the starting gun has sounded and I'm walking toward the finish line now!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I have discovered that it is VERY difficult to post to a blog you started about running - when you are not running!!! I have no motivation to post, because I wanted this to track my runs and races as I learned more and more, but right now I can't run.

You see, way back about 1987 or 1988 I hurt my back. Really bad. Bad lifting technique, combined with trying to do too much at once, combined with shifting load = back injury! I went to the Dr. but all he did was listen and tell me I'd have back problems the rest of my life - be more careful and prescibe some pain meds and muscle relaxers. So for over 20 years any time it started to hurt (or I had extremly bad spasms) I would go back, tell whoever what he had said, pick up my pain pills, sit it out and go on my merry way. It would come and go and I learned to "deal with it". Most of the time I could tell when it was getting close to the spasm stage and stop it before it got too bad. I thought the running would help - you know less weight, less load to carry, less pain...etc. Well for the most part it did I think.

Then came last summer... I was doing well for most of the summer - walking and running nearly every morning of the week. I had even shaved some time off my 5k time and I was looking forward to race season...the season that never really happened. I don't know why it never happened - it was so got in the way I guess...that seems to happen from time to time, and other things seemed more important than going to work out and run 5 days a week. I really slowed down. Then it became - well I'll get going again over Thanksgiving...then I guess I'll wait until after Christmas - we have that trip you know, and there really isn't any sense in starting again now...then it was after Christmas and I still wasn't doing much. And that is when the pain started getting first just achy...but more often than before. Maybe it was because I wasn't working out and running?

Rick and I decided to try joining a different gym thinking that maybe that would give us the old "spark" back - so we joined up and had our session with the trainers. I told the trainer about my back and she said she had something similar - but her chiropractor had really fixed her up...and by the way - he did acupuncture too. I had wanted to try that, so I got his name.

By February it was getting pretty bad - and very consistent. Even though we had cancelled the new gym membership (it wasn't what we thought it would be - we actually liked our old gym better) I went ahead and made an appointment with the chiropractor the trainer had recommended. Then it iced...not a little ice but TONS... We were out of school the entire week...but I made Rick take me to that appointment! He listened to me tell about what had happened and took some x-rays. The first I had ever had of my back - yeah, that's right, the original Dr. NEVER DID ANY X-RAYS!!! What we found was that I had no disc left at all between the L-4 and L-5 vertebrae just above my tailbone and about even with my hip bones. When I saw that I knew that was probably why all the visits to my first chiropractor hadn't really done anything! Rick and I discussed it and decided I probably needed to go see his back Dr.

Another couple of weeks and I went to see her. She took another set of x-rays and after visiting and hearing the history decided that she really needed to see an MRI before deciding the best course of action. So an MRI was scheduled and a return visit as well. When I went back what she had determined was that all my other discs still looked good and that surgery was the best option for me. The missing disc and bone on bone was more than likely the cause of the pain as well as the muscle spasms I was experiencing. I told her I really couldn't do it until May - she couldn't do it in May because she would be on leave, so we set a June date. June 15th to be exact.

Tomorrow I go for my pre-op visit, to find out what time the surgery will be, and to ask any questions that have come up, I've already done all the pre-op "stuff"...Then Wednesday it is off to the hospital to get my back fixed up.

One of the questions I'll have for her is "how long before I can run again?" I know I'll be up and walking very quickly - and they want me doing a mile in no more than 30 minutes before my two week check-up...and I don't want to push too hard to fast, but the truth of the matter is...I'm ready for this break to be over - I'm ready to start running matter how slow I am. I have learned once again that it isn't how quickly I make the journey - it is the actual making it that is important to me because life is a marathon...and those take time.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hooray for Hollywood!

New Year's Eve at Hollywood Studios ... need I say more? I woke up really excited about the day Candy had planned for us. We were up and ready to go early as usual. Today wasn't as cold as it had been and when we got to the park we did have to wait for the rope drop. We were right up front ~ I loved this statue!

Seeing the Hollywood Studio symbol rising high into the air was exciting as well!

When the rope dropped Chris was off like a shot to pick up fast passes for us - we walked as quick as we could toward the back of the park where we would soon see Toy Story of the most popular rides in this park!

Woody topiary

The toys hard a work preparing for their guests

Loved this!
We went ahead and got in the standby line so we could ride this one first. We had fast passes so we could come back again later, but wanted to jump on in line before it got too awful long!
More of the amazing theming while we waited for the ride

Sure brings back the memories!

I think I used to own this Viewmaster slide!

Loved the decor of Andy's room as we waited in the line

Spirograph - had one of these too!

Christmas over tinker toys - gotta love it!
After we rode the ride we started down the street towards the back lot. As we passed a storefront window we saw Buzz Lightyear and Woody posing for pictures and signing autographs. Peyton loves Buzz almost as much as I love Mickey!!! Of course we turned right around and got in line to meet Buzz.
Now this line is totally designed for the kids. You follow two separate lines - one for those to be photographed, and one for the photographers. You stop at several places on the way to see Buzz and get your picture taken in different places around Andy's room.
In Buzz's box!

The next Space Ranger!

The claaaawwwwww!

Watch out Sydney - I think they gotcha!

Now this is more what I would expect!

Now he was ready for his closeup!

With Stinky Pete

Pepaw finally photo bombed me!
Finally we were next in line to see Buzz and Woody! Oops - their "manager" had to take them back for their break. Peyton's face started to fall - but the lady turned to him and told him Buzz would be right back after he "charged his batteries". Of course Peyton understands the changing and charging of batteries so he was OK with that. In a matter of minutes they were back again greeting Peyton and giving him hugs. He was so happy and excited. We all stood with them for pictures and got autographs in our books.
Now it was time to make our way to the back lot...we were off to see the Muppets!
As we walked to the theater we passed by this Speeder. Peyton and Chris demonstrated how it worked for us! Then as we walked further we were passing the Ewok village and noticed a sign-up area for Jedi training. We stopped and signed the girls up. (Peyton wasn't old enough.) We got a great time for the training and promised to come back then.
We went in and watched the Muppets in 3D - a pretty good show, and look who was waiting for us when we came out!
Mater and ...

Another of Peyton's favorites! This was turning out to be a very big day for him!
We had very special dinner plans for this evening, so Candy had scheduled an earlier lunch...we all knew we were going to try to eat a little lighter today - no repeats of our "double buffet" day!
We walked up to the front part of the park and went to the 50's Prime Time Cafe.
Our lunch venue.

A step back in time!

How cool!

We loved watching the old 50's TV shows that played while we ate our lunch - but the absolute best was when I ordered a root beer float with my lunch...Peyton was next to me - he just got a soda with his. She brought the drinks out and set them down - first Peyton's, then mine. He took one look, pushed his away, pulled mine over in front of him and started eating away. The look on his face was pure bliss! Everyone at the table started laughing! What could I do but order another for me...told you this was HIS day!

After lunch it was time to head back to the Ewok village for Jedi training! The girls went in and the rest of us went over to get set up so we could have a good view of the stage. Once the girls came out and were waiting in line I took a look at Madison and she just didn't look happy. We called her over and determined that she didn't feel comfortable at all. One of the Disney World photographers was there and overheard the conversation. She left for a minute and came back with a diploma for Madison...she told her it took a lot of courage and knowledge of self to decide not to participate and that was what being a Jedi was all about! I love the people at Disney World - they are all about keeping everyone happy!
Sydney was ready for her lesson.

The Jedi Master and apprentice

Darth Vader

Darth Maul jumps down to fight the older Padowans.

Last minute instructions

Just a little scary!

Ready to graduate!
We made our way back over to Toy Story Mania and rode it another couple of time with our fast passes. That ride is so much fun and soooo worth the wait in line!
Once we did that we walked over to see Mickey's Clubhouse. This was a show for the little ones based on the new show on Disney. My only complaint here is that EVERYONE sits on the floor...They really need to have a bench or chairs in the back for the grandparents that come with the little ones - I was pretty uncomfortable in this show - but Peyton and Madison had a BLAST.
From there it was off to see the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This is a combination puppet show and live theater. It was amazing - I wouldn't have minded watching it again!
Neptune's Trident.

We headed on back toward the front of the park...we wanted to look around and go to the Darkroom so Rick could see what was there. It was also getting on toward time for our dinner reservations. We had the Fantasmic Package so it was an early reservation.
The Sorcerer topiary
We enjoyed our dinner at Hollywood and Vine. Once again the food was amazing! We left the restrant and walked right over to Fantasmic. Since we bought the package we had designated seating for this we walked past the line I was sure glad Candy had planned this ahead of time for us! We got to the entrance and showed our passes, the nice ladies there handed us plastic top-hats and noise makers and let us go though the back passage to the show. It was a long walk but so worth it. We sat pretty close to the back - Candy's research was accurate again...wonderful choice. Unfortunately I was so caught up in the show I totally forgot I had my camera with me - I just watched in amazement at the magic playing out before my eyes!
When we came out of the show we headed toward the center of the park. We were all soooo tired and it was really getting crowded with the New Year's Eve revelers. There was really only one more ride that I wanted to make sure I rode on...The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. There was NO WAY Sydney would ride this one so Candy and Peyton stayed with her and Chris, Madison, Rick and I made our way over to the ride.
Inside the lobby of the hotel

The cobwebs above the door
As we waited for the ride Madison was pretty concerned. We talked about how this was just like a roller coaster, (she is the roller coaster QUEEN!) that part of the fun was in being nervous before getting on the ride. I assured her that it was ok to "scream" just like on a roller coaster. We rode and as we exited she looked up and told us that it was so much fun "floating" in the air that she wanted to ride again! Way to go Maddie!!!! We were so proud of her that we stopped in the gift shop and bought her a Tower of Terror pin to celebrate her ride!
We met back with the others and decided we were all too exhausted to fight the wall to wall New Year's Eve revelers any longer - trying to get the stroller through that crowd was simply next to impossible! We went on out to the car and headed home to begin the challenge of packing up for our trip back home!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Epcot Day 2 -

So, after a late night at the Magic Kingdom, Candy had planned a bit of an easier day before New Year's Eve. We slept a bit later and woke up refreshed and ready to continue our adventure. On the drive in we decided to park at Epcot - we would be doing some minor park hopping and this seemed the best way for us to work it out. We went in and hurried over to get some fast passes for the test track just in case we had time to ride it later...we LOVE that ride! On the way past Planet Earth I had to get a picture of the patterns it makes (no pretty sunrise reflections today!)

Then it was over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends again. First I rode it with Maddie, then because the line was so short we went back and rode it again. I got to ride it the second time with Peyton...that was an adventure. He loves looking for Nemo and watching all the fish. It is so funny to hear him talk back to them and get so excited!

It was still early but we were going to go ahead and eat because we had early dinner reservations for the Hoop-de-doo Review that evening so we made our way over to the Liberty Inn. We decided to eat outside because it was such a beautiful morning ~ the weather was perfect. We grabbed a couple of tables and enjoyed a plesant meal, then Rick, the girls, and I went back over to the gingerbread house and got everyone homemade gingerbread for dessert. While we were enjoying our gingerbread we suddenly heard some fifes and drums. Here came a "parade" right down the street in front of us! I jumped up with the kids and ran over to the wall surrounding the pavillion where we were eating in time to catch a quick picture.

After they passed by we went back to help clean up our tables and make our way over to our first "Passport" stop. The kids and I all had passports that Candy made for us to get signed in each of the Epcot World Pavillions. They were very nicely done with a page for each country. Our first stop was to be America. As we were making our way to the "Kid-cot" area we passed the Drum and Fife Corps again as they were preparing to dismiss. Such a cool sight to share with the grandkids!

We stopped and got messages and stamps in our passports and then walked around to get a Kim Possible Mission for Sydney. She had been dying to do a mission the first day we were here and there wasn't time, so this time we wanted to be sure she got a chance to participate....besides, I was really curious about this! She got her "high tech Kimmunicator" and we were off! Our mission was in the Mexico pavillion, so we headed over that direction. It was so much fun looking for the clues, figuring out where to go and what we needed to do that I totally forgot
to take pictures!

We continued from pavillion to pavillion getting our passports signed and taking in all the sights. I took some pictures of some of the things we saw...most in Japan where Candy and the girls got to pick oysters and see if they got a pearl - which the all did! They had them made into necklaces (they got to pick a design ~ they were all so pretty!) I got a beautiful silk kimono that I LOVE! Anyway, here are some of the pictures...

The storyteller

Hidden Mickey!
After looking around and going to all the different world pavillions it was time to make our way to the Hoop-de-do Review. We rode the monorail over to the ferry, then took the ferry over to at the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. This was a blast! Good food and great entertainment as we watched the dancing, singing and vaudville comedy...My favorite of course were the REALLY bad puns! As part of the finale we all got spoons and washboards and joined in with the cast members!

Now it was time to get back on the ferry, walk to the monorail, back into Epcot so we could go over and pick up the girls necklaces. We went back and Rick, the girls and I rode Mission Space again... so fun! We still had our fast passes for the test track so we went on over there. Rick and I decided that Chris and Candy really needed to ride this one together this time, so they took the girls while Rick and I may our way over to the "car show" with Peyton to wait for them to finish the ride. Peyton LOVED sitting in the different first he wanted to drive...

Doesn't it look like he REALLY belongs in this Camero!
Look out Dad!After trying out every car we went into the area where they show how the robots put them together. Peyton was a hoot to watch as he watched everything wide eyed, climbed around, and kept beat with the large machine press!
Waiting for Mom and Dad
When everyone finished the ride we went out through the gift shop (with a couple of stops along the way!)
Hidden Mickey

And how they go with the car theme!
Even though it was still fairly early, we decided to call it a day. Tomorrow would be New Year's Eve and we knew THAT would be a long day at Hollywood Studio's.

Next Time...Hollywood here we come!

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