Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the great juice experiment.  Pepaw was feeling a lot better, some residual pain from the caffine headache, but not nearly as bad as the night before.  We got up at the usual time and while he showered and walked the dog I set out to make the morning juice.  It was called "Purple Power" and was a mixture of blackberries, grapes, apple, and ginger.  It was quite yummy!

Pepaw left and went on to the store for the rest of his days supplies and I cleaned up and left everything out for Candy.  I went off to my room to read until the house began stirring.  When I got up I made the juice for Candy...shortly after she drank her's she had to go lay down for a bit.  MAJOR caffine headache and sick tummy.  That was it for her... she thinks she'll try again after the new year when she has eaten healthier and is caffine free (which she has now accomplished!) . We have also done some more research and found a "gentler" approach to balancing the juicing and detox effects that I think will work better for her.

As for me, I continued the plan with only minor side effects.  I had only 2 cups of green tea, so I am gently removing the caffine and I think that has helped.  I had a green lemonade for mid-day, then a mix of vegetables and fruits for lunch.  Dinner was pretty good although I'll admit I changed up the recipe a little for me because I found I don't tolerate the more sour juices well...I tolerate them ok, they are simply too strong for my palate, so I toned it down a little and it worked out well for me.

I find I was still quite tired in the evening, but it was manageable.  The most bizzare thing was that I dreamed of hamburgers last night!  Went to DQ and ordered but things kept happening and I never got to eat it!

Here is hoping for a great day 3!

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