Saturday, February 23, 2013


Tomorrow we will run/walk our last Cowtown 1/2 marathon.  It will be our 5th year and we will complete the medal series.  We started this 6 long years ago and so much has passed since that 1st Cowtown 5K.  That was our first race - the one I thought I couldn't do - but did.  The very next year we signed up for the 1/2 marathon.  It was the beginning of the Texas Star Medal Series.  The medals are so beautiful when put together, so this year we get to pick up our plaque and hopefully finish so we can get that 5th medal to show.  We ran race 1, we ran race 2 even faster and felt even better....then came the injuries.  We didn't do too bad on race three, although Rick was running in a lot of pain with his neck...and I was running in jeans because I forgot to pack my running pants!  The 4th year was the first after my back surgery - so zero training, but we finished it.  This year again very little training...I haven't really gone more than about 4 miles...every time I would start running something else seemed to fall apart - a knee, an ankle, etc.  But here lately it is all flowing back in place and feeling pretty good again.  I have NO speed, not that I ever had much to begin with...but the endurance is showing some improvement.  I'm actually looking forward to this one.  I'm in the process of proving once again I CAN do this.  If this one goes well I'll pick a new 5K and keep training and trying.  Wish me luck!

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