Friday, December 30, 2011

Juicing Day 3

Day 3 is supposed to be the last day you feel the effects of the detoxing while juicing.  I must say the effects so far for me haven't been terrible.  A caffine headache on day 1 that I calmed with Aleve and green tea.  I then used weaker green tea on day 2 and no green tea at all today and no headache.  No real bathroom issues either.  I have been tired, but that also seems normal between the holiday I'm pleased so far.  The worst has been being hungry.  Not the kind of hungry that you normally get between meals - at least not for me.  I usually snack on some kind of junk when I get hungry like that...this is more like my tummy saying "I'm empty - no, really, I'M EMPTY - FEED ME NOW!!!" hungry.  I've learned that a little hot lemon water or herbal tea helps quell the hunger until I get everything ready for my next juice.  I also do seem to be dropping a pound or two and that doesn't hurt!  I feel OK.  The real test will be when I have real stuff to do - will I have all the energy people that have done this say I will, will I really sleep better, what benefits will I see from here on out?

I'm still surprised at how full I do get with a glass of juice.  I'm learning how to put together different fruits with fruits, and veggies with veggies to make them both beneficial and tasty.  So far, not to bad a program to try. 

Only 2  more days until my 100 day challenge starts to go along with this!  Whoo-hoo!!!

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