Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This morning we awoke to icy slick streets. Not right for December in Texas! I didn't want to stay home just 4 days before the winter holiday from school...only because that means I have to work an extra day around Easter when I know I'll be wantin' this time back again!!!

I have still been running...I can still do almost six miles in an hour - although I feel I should be doing six miles in under an hour by now! Sometimes I wonder why my times don't just zoom faster and faster like I think they should...I am running several days a week...I do TRY to go faster. It's just that it seems like the harder I try to go faster the more I have to walk later in my run....hmmmmmm. Then when I go for endurance, well, needless to say I don't go very fast.

I am making some progress though. Since it is getting close to the new year I had to take a look back at where I came from. As I look back to last January when I first began this journey I see a poor ol' lady that couldn't make it from one fire hydrant to the next without stopping to catch her breath! I remember clearly the first time I actually made it a mile on the treadmill. I was so excited and proud! Then came my first 5K in cowtown. My family was there, my son had finished the race and was standing with my daughter talking at the 30 minute mark how their dad and I should be there in around 10 more minutes...how shocked they were when they saw their Dad just a couple minutes later, and how even more shocked they were to find out that I had already finished and no one had even seen me - (hence my nickname of "ghost runner", lol). Then our goal became a 10K. We ran our first in the heat of June in Dublin, TX. Even though I didn't make my goal time I learned I could survive the heat! In fact I can honestly say I learned something from every race I ran last year. Once that race was over we set our hearts and minds to the completion of a half marathon. We were looking at San Antonio in November. Even though we didn't make that one we did run in the DRC 1/2 and now I can proudly say I've run over 13 miles several times!

I guess I just have to remember to keep all things in perspective and give myself room and time to grow.

Here is to my 2009 goal...the White Rock Marathon next December!!!

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