Monday, October 15, 2012

Houston Photowalk

Scott Kelby's annual photo walk took place this past weekend.  Pepaw and I LOVE these photo walks.  It gives us a great excuse to get out there and take pictures.  This year we decided we would join a group of folks down in Houston at the Armand Bayou.  This would also give us the opportunity to visit with Brenda and Harwood.  

We got up early Saturday morning and drove out to the Bayou.  We were, of course, early so we went to the park right next to Armand Bayou and walked around there first and warmed up our cameras.  I was not very happy with the photos I got there ... like I said, I was just warming up. 

At about 9:00 we made it to our stop for the day and met up with our group.  They went over the plan for the day and we began walking around the trails taking pictures.  This is what I saw.

We started out on one of the trails in the forest ecosystem...

Looking at the start of the trail

 These beautiful red berries were all along the trail

Not sure what these are, but they sure looked interesting!

 Mushrooms growing inside and outside the bark of a tree along the trail

The backside of the trail - headed back to the trail head

 You could only see this building from the back part of the trail, there is so much of the forest reclaiming this area!

After walking the trail loop we met up with Brenda, Harwood, and Chris.  We visited and then walked around the "farm" area.  Again, here is what I saw :

The windmill

Another look at the windmill

The rusted wheel on a piece of equipment in the shed

 One of the handles on one of the "out-buildings"

Same handle, different view (Thanks Pepaw!)

 An old chain hanging by one of the windows on an "out-building"

 The garden

A bee on one of the flowers in the garden along the fence

 A leaf by the pond

Milk cans by the porch of the old farmhouse (I really wish it had been open so we could have gone inside!)

Time passes so quickly on these walks!  It was already time for us to head back and go to lunch.  We walked back over the boardwalk toward the entrance and I just had to stop and get a shot of the "wetlands" ecosystem.

The view from the boardwalk

That was really about all I got this time.  We all headed out, enjoyed a REALLY good lunch and had SUCH a great visit.  It was so much fun spending the weekend shooting photos and visiting with family... I know we'll be going out again real soon!

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