Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday at Palo Duro

Tuesday morning we got up before sunrise again - I was excited because we were returning to the spot we'd found the night before to watch the sun come up.  We got there pretty early and got set up and started waiting.  I don't do "waiting" very well, so we started playing with the cameras and I was able to get these shots of Pepaw all ready to shoot pictures for the day!

Not very often I get a shot of him - he's usually right beside me behind his camera!

The sun finally started coming up - it wasn't an amazing sunrise - don't get me wrong, they are all beautiful, but there weren't the really pretty clouds that make some of them really amazing!  I tried some shots that were a little different, but still showed the beautiful morning light.

After watching the morning light we headed back to the campsite.  We wanted to take a look at the map and try to decide where we wanted to go from there.  I took a quick picture of our "home away from home".

We determined that we wanted to take a look on the other side of the park - go to the "old park rd. 5" and see what was around that section of the loop.  We drove over and parked in a turn-out.  We saw this really cool looking cave and decided, once again, to go exploring. Here are some shots from the cave.

 From inside looking back toward the road.
 Trying to get the top of the cave entrance!
 It always makes me sad when I see things like this...I just don't "get it".  Why do people think they need to leave their mark?
 THIS is what the walls should look like!
 My friend was posing for me as we made our way down.
 The climb to the entrance.
What caught our eye from the road and made us curious enough to climb up and take a peek!
We drove a bit farther and noticed some more awesome formations.  We walked over and noticed the moon rising over the formation.  So tickled I was able to get these shots!

We also got a chance to see this amazing formation as well.

A couple of pictures I saw along the trail.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this crooked tree!
Then we walked a little further and caught the beginning of the evening light.

I did love how the evening sun lit up the yellow leaves in the valley though! We were going to move to another spot, but ended up going into town instead because our car informed us we had low tire pressure on one of the tires...didn't want to be stuck in the morning with a flat tire!!!

Only one more day of camping left!

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