Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So....have a couple of anniversaries coming up later this month and it got me thinking a lot about goals.  I joined an on-line community called Walk Across America and began really tracking how much I walk each month.  In April and May I walked between 150 - 175 miles.  I set a goal that in June I would break 200 miles for the month.  So far I am on track for that goal - of course we are only 5 days in to the month, LOL!

Pepaw and I also set a goal of working out more often.  We have been going to the gym more regularly - doing both weights (circuit training) and cardio on alternating days...we actually made it 6 days in a row! I think it helps that we changed gyms and we both really like the new facility - So that goal is going well too.

We are also getting geared up for our run in October.  We are both, as I said above, incorporating more cardio into our workouts - I have started the C25K program...I am currently working on 2/2 run/walk intervals - although right now my runs are more like "speed-walks" than runs!  I am seeing some progress though - and I know I can do this if I stick with it...it just may take longer this time. That is why I'm starting in June to prepare for a 5K in October!

We have changed up our eating habits a little too. We are cutting down on portion sizes, and sticking more closely to fruits and veggies with smaller protein portions as well.  We've cut WAY down on sweets/treats as well as bread.  I am hoping these changes will start to show on the scale REAL soon, although I haven't seen much in that department yet.

Finally, thought I'd share some flowers I saw on my walk yesterday...taken with my iPhone.

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