Monday, June 4, 2012

White I miss you!

We used to run at White Rock Lake...back when we were running...back when we were doing long races...back then.  We are starting over after both of us have had run stopping now I am looking forward to the long runs at the lake again.  Came across these pictures we took one weekend at the lake during one of our "photo-walks" and thought I would share...just a few of the reasons I miss it!

These first few are of a bench available in a small garden area next to the pump station.

 The bench

 closer look

The back of the bench latticework

The pump station and some of the lighting (or hints of):
 Flags over the pump station

Shadow of the lamps on the building

Moon between the lamps

The spillway (there used to be a hill here I hated but they graded it down a little and it isn't quite as bad now)
The spillway

Birds playing in another area of the spillway

Some of the beauty of the lake!

 Flowers along the path

 The lake through the cattails

 Men fishing

A serious rower!

We will be back soon...probably after summer when it gets a little cooler!

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