Monday, January 2, 2012

Walk on...

Today - hmmmmm. It has been tough because I still don't feel 100%, silly cold!  Got up, stopped and got my juices for breakfast and snack, went to work, worked, came home to day two of the challenge.  Pepaw and I walked around the block with Cotton's dog, Winston.  That was the 2nd best part of my day.  The best part was getting to go to lunch with Pepaw.  A lunch not at work.  That is a good thing.  You see, he was off today.  It was good to walk out the door and get to pick him up and go somewhere for lunch together.  We had soup and salad - keeping to our healthy eating.  We were going to juice tonight for dinner too but I think we are going to eat some stuffed shells instead.  You see my grand-daughter found the recipe on pinterest, made the shopping list, and cooked this dinner all by herself.  They are only going to be here for dinner one night a week AND she looked up the points plus values and nutrition information all by herself so we would know what we were eating and it would be healthy foods.  It smells so good - I think we'll be joining the family, yet staying on plan and eating healthy.  A win-win.  Tomorrow we will juice breakfast, snack, and dinner, and probably I'll eat a healthy lunch.  My weight loss might be slower, but I think this is what I need - chewing. :) 

I also have to apologize to my friend.  Evidently by posting my challenge activity I'm forcing her to get up and move as well.  I'm proud of her!  Feel free to join us as we move through the first 100 days of 2012...

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