Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving forward

So, we are still moving, both running and circuit training.  Our eating is back under control, and I feel so much better than I have in a while! :)  I am still caffine free and I feel really good about this as I haven't suffered any "crashes" in the afternoon at work since I went back on Jan. 2.  Before the winter break I would feel like someone had pulled my plug by 3:00 and it was rush to the fridge and grab a monster just to make it through to 5:00 when Pepaw would pick me up from school.  I rarely  had trouble getting to sleep, although you would think I would after a couple cups of coffee and 2 - 3 monsters a day...  It was scary to even think about giving that up and going back to work, but it seems to be working for now.  I do miss the smell of my coffee in the morning - and I REALLY miss my flavored creamers, but if it keeps me from crashing every day at 3:00 - it is worth it.

The numbers on the scale aren't moving very quickly, but I'm being patient for the time being.  I am really being careful with what I'm eating - want to watch it for a month and see how I'm doing, then I may re-evaluate and try to switch it up a bit.  I'll keep ya posted.  Until then...I'll just keep moving forward and hoping the scale moves down!

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I hadn't noticed the lack f a crash in the afternoon, but you're right. I haven't had one either. Of course, that may be because I am distracted by feeling like I want to eat everything in the pantry at that same moment. Oh, well.


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