Monday, January 10, 2011

After Dark at the Magic Kingdom

At dinner we had decided that even though we were all a little tired, we really wanted to enjoy The Main Street Electrical Parade and (hopefully) not have to fight the crowds so much. This being said we determined the plan of action would be to skip the 9:00 Parade, go to the fireworks at 10:00 and hopefully a lot of the crowd would leave then and we could enjoy a less crowded parade at 11:00. We found a wonderful spot across from the castle to watch the fireworks and staked it out while the crowds were enjoying the parade. This is the view we had.

Castle reflections

Mickey and Minnie topiaries.
Finally it was time for the fireworks. Here, through the lens of Rick's camera, are the magnificent fireworks!

Once all the fireworks were over ( including Tinkerbell flying right over our heads!) we meandered over to main street and found seats on the curb to get ready for the parade. I couldn't believe the cast members. There may have been 10 little pieces of trash on the street in front of us, but there were swarms of cast members with brooms sweeping up every little thing, then came another with a huge street vacuum cleaning it all up. Within minutes the street was so clean you would never have guessed hundreds of people had just watched a parade go by!
We were fully prepared to wait about 45 minutes for the parade and do nothing else when all of a sudden from right behind us came the sound of heralding trumpets. We turned around to see what the commotion might be. Lo and behold ~ they were putting on a show on the castle stage and we had almost front row seats!
Once again, thank you Rick for being aware enough to get some wonderful pictures!

After much clapping and hollering we turned back around and had only a few minutes left until another dream come true moment. Normally The Main Street Electrical Parade is only found at DisneyLand...but it had been moved to Disney World for a limited engagement, and the stay was extended through Christmas, so I was going to get to see it even though a normal trip to Disney World would not have included this VERY special treat!
I fully intended to get pictures of the parade - but even before the first float turned the corner...when the first few notes of the music started, the tears began to flow and all the emotion of the 5 - 10 - and beyond year old "kid" inside came out. I was so excited I think I even forgot I had a camera around my neck. Thank heavens Rick didn't! So without further adieu....
The Main Street Electrical Parade!

And then it was time to wave the last wave, listen to the diminishing sounds of the music floating away on the magical mist and say farewell to the Magic Kingdom until I can make it back again. Hopefully in less than another 50 years!!

Next: a much shorter day at Epcot!

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