Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Dinner

While we were busy walking around Downtown Disney Candy had us stop by guest services. Sydney and I both picked up Birthday pins with our names on them. If your birthday is the month before, the month of, or the month after your visit you can celebrate it at I did! Then we made our way over to the restrant where we had reservations. T-REX. Way, way cool!

The sign at the restrant...just a preview of the fun to come!

It didn't take very long at all for us to be seated ~ even though we had 7 in our party. Our reservation got us right in. We were seated next to this lovely dining companion ...

He would bend over and roar...which scared Peyton a little at first, until Memaw told him he better stop and he did! Of course he started up again later, but by now it was just a funny joke! As we looked around the restraunt there were plenty of the animated, and non-animated prehistoric creatures around to entertain throughout the meal.

Right across from us between the room we were in and the ice age room was this beautiful Pterodactyl flying over the heads of some diners.

On the wall behind the Pterodactyl was this ginormous bug!

In the ice age room at the edge of the walkway was this baby mammoth. Isn't he cute?

Just around the corner from us was the ocean room. I thought these jellyfish were amazing with the colors and lights.

Of course you can't go to a special place like this and NOT order an extraordinary dessert, right? So we ordered chocolate extinction.

Since Sydney and I had our Birthday Buttons on they put candles in our ice cream and sang happy birthday to us. We had a wonderful time!
The day came to an end and we were all pretty well exhausted so with VERY full tummies we made our way back to our home away from home and headed for bed. We knew it was going to be an early morning and we wanted to get some rest so we could really enjoy it.
Tomorrow I finally make it to the Magic Kingdom!

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