Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The beginning of my dream - realized!

All I could think when I got up Sunday morning was that I made it, I really, really made it and I WAS going to see Disney... TODAY! I couldn't stop smiling! We drove out to Disney an hour before rope drop because Candy knew we needed to be there early to catch the rides we really wanted. When we got to the park they we walked up to the gate and as I saw this...

tears filled my eyes. I had dreamed this for so long. I simply couldn't believe that I was actually seeing the Magic Kingdom!

Sydney noticed the flowers in front of the "train station" and of course I had to get a picture of this together.

A beautiful Mickey Mouse ornament. There were so many other beautiful things waiting for us inside :) .... We went on through the gates. There was no rope drop. We found out later that they had decided to just let the early guests in because the temperature was 32 and they didn't want us to have to stand there and wait for an hour. We headed into the park and onto Main Street. This is where I totally lost it. I saw the castle rising up before me and I just started crying - so emotional - it was so much more beautiful that I could ever have imagined from the pictures I'd seen - the Disney shows I had watched - I couldn't help it when those emotions began pouring out. I really choked up when the cast members on Main Street started telling me Happy Birthday and calling me by name! Amazing!

Here is Madison posing with Dumbo...our very first ride. I got to ride this one with Peyton. He had been telling me all about the ride for at LEAST a month...that Dumbo goes up and up and around and around...we were both so excited. We laughed and laughed. What a great start to our trip!
I did discover that you do a lot of walking between rides, and stopping to greet the characters at times as well - I suppose this is a given if you've ever been, but it was eye-opening for me...and just a little more to add to the long list of memories my family was making with and for me!
Our next stop was at the Winnie the Pooh ride. Another ride where everyone can go together. So much fun to see my "friends" brought to life Disney style.

A page from the book

A Tigger LOVES to bounce!

After Winnie the Pooh came one of the rides I had been watching a waiting to see for years and years....A Small World. Believe it or not I couldn't WAIT to hear the music! A few pictures...

The sign above the door...I was grinning BIG!

Two of my favorite shots from the ride.

Then we walked on over the the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Sydney had told me all about this one ~ and of course I knew all about the older version and this was another song I couldn't wait to hear. I also wanted to see how they had changed it up!

When we got off this one we moved on down to the Hall of Presidents. This was a show and I was sooo impressed with how Disney brought all of our presidents to life. When Abraham Lincoln read the Gettysburg Address to us it was so moving.

We found a hidden Mickey in one of the portraits in the waiting area for the Hall of Presidents!

We took a little break here and decided to ride the monorail to a few of the resorts to see some of the Christmas decorations they had up. We knew that at the Grand Floridian there was supposed to be a HUGE Gingerbread house and the decorations were supposed to be amazing. Before we got to the Grand Floridian though our first stop would be the Polynesian.

One of the competitors in the Gingerbread House competition displayed at the Polynesian...my personal favorite

After a quick stop and admiring all the decorations...picking up some snacks for the kids (yeah right, just them), and doing some window shopping we headed back to the monorail and the Grand Floridian.

The sign describing the HUGE Gingerbread house.

The Beautiful Gingerbread House.

Look at Tingerbell's shadow!!!

Such detail !

Next time Afternoon and the Christmas Parade!

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