Saturday, June 19, 2010

Memaw Camp ~ Day 1

Yesterday was the first full day of Memaw camp. It was MUCH too busy (as was today) for me to get it all written I guess I'll be blogging a day behind, LOL.

I got up nice and early and met my DF for our three times a week walk. When I got home Pepaw went to the club to run. I was going to go when he got back. We were hoping to get all that done before the kids woke up....silly us! At 7:07 AM I hear the patter of little feet, and sure enough here comes Captain Chaos down the hall. He peeked in at the girls and then saw me - MEMAW at the top of his lungs was enough to wake both the day had begun.

We got everyone dressed and ready for the day's adventures by the time Pepaw got home...needless to say my run was going to be postponed for a bit because the little guys were hungry.

We instituted a new tradition this year. Each little one gets to pick where we eat once a day. Pepaw and I went ahead and ate our WW breakfast meals then MOTS picked Sonic for their breakfast. Off we went. When we got there they all wanted breakfast burritos and (drum roll here) ICE CREAM! is Memaw camp...the week when pretty much the kids rule - so ice cream it was! They had so much fun!

After Sonic it was back to the house and into swim suits for pool time fun. We dug out all the old floats and toys and hiked to the pool. We spent a good part of the morning there playing and making some new friends.

Then Hollywood informed us we needed to eat lunch. Her pick...Chicken Express. We walked back home, changed and Pepaw and I again ate our WW meals then took the kids to Chicken Express where MOTS had fried catfish and Hollywood and CC had the tenders. They ate just about everything in sight and were quickly ready to move on.

We just relaxed most of the afternoon. Uncle Cotton came by and visited until Angel got off work, then we all went to CC's pick for dinner - McDonalds! We ate, talked, and the kids played and had a great time. All in all - a VERY successful first day of camp!

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