Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memaw Camp ~ Day 2

We got up as late as the kids would let us because we knew it was going to be a long day. We started out by going to Weight Watchers. Pepaw was going to weigh in, Memaw decided she would rather wait another week. We also wanted to drop off the WW 5K walkathon pictures. Pepaw had created a beautiful album for the center. After saying goodbye to all our friends at the center we headed next door to Khol's to get everyone a new outfit. Little did we know what an experience we were in for.

We walked in the door and as soon as Captain Chaos saw the blouses hanging on the racks he was gone! I HIDE - I HIDE! We quickly got him corraled and made our way to the toddler department. We found some shorts and shirts and made our way to the dressing room. MOTS's idea of the size we needed proved to be a little "off" so Pepaw had to go back and try a smaller size. When we tried those on Chaos thought it was enough. I grabbed his shirt and he decided he could fly! So here I am on the edge of the dressing room holding a two year old by the shirt while he waves his arms and legs in the air. Pepaw, MOTS, and Hollywood were all so busy laughing I didn't know how long I was going to have to hold him like that! We made it back to the dressing room, found the right size and then we were ready to go look for some things for the girls. CC was with Pepaw and "promised" he would be good and wouldn't hide anymore. Have I mentioned he is two - NEVER believe a two year old when he says he'll be good. As soon as Pepaw set him down he was off! It took MOTS and Pepaw both to capture him again - by that time he was several aisles over and hiding in the clothes again...he also played chase around the pole. I don't know if they would have caught him at all if he hadn't accidently seen himself in the mirror and slowed down to look! Pepaw and I took turns watching CC while MOTS and Hollywood picked out their new clothes and then we finally got to the registers to pay for the purchases. By the time we made it to the car I just knew we had to be halfway through the afternoon, but NOOOOOOOOO! It wasn't even 9:00 am yet!

We wanted to drive over to Cabela's and look for a tent we had found on-line. This is a pretty good drive so as soon as everyone was ready we loaded up the car and off we went. We stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast first and then we were on the road. Funny how putting kids in a car nearly always results in -

We arrived at the store and were surprised to see quite the commotion outside - balloon arcs and a LOT of activity. As we got closer we noticed that they were having a kids fishing contest. The girls weren't too interested in that so we bypassed that activity and headed for the doors.

As we entered the store we were amazed to see that several of the State Parks had set up interactive exhibits. They were letting the kids do wildlife rubbings, and for the Dinosaur Valley State Park they had set up a "pit" where the kids could "excavate" bones just like they do at the park! This was such an unexpected treat!

The kids love going by the fish tanks here. Party Boy and {C} had just sent a picture of Tigger having a staring contest with a fish in Chicago, so they decided to have their own staring contest with Texas fish. Still trying to figure out who one that one!

This guy just kept watching us through the glass - MOTS was fascinated with him. If we moved right he craned his neck right, if we moved left he craned his neck left...not quite sure what he was looking for!

After we finished looking at the State Park exhibits, the animal exhibits, the fish, AND finished wandering the aisles for a bit we headed up the elevator. As you exit the elevator there is a BIG stuffed Moose. I tried to get a picture of everyone around the Moose, but CC was having none of that! He was terrified of the we went ahead and headed toward the tent area. On our way the girls saw a table set up for face painting, so of course we HAD to stop and get their faces painted!

While I waited for the girls Pepaw and Captain Chaos made their way over the see if the tent we wanted was available at the store or if we were going to have to order it. While they looked at the tents CC found least that is what he told me when we joined them - at the top of his lungs...MY TENT!

As we were waiting for the elevator to go back downstairs CC saw the Moose again. Don't know what changed, but this time he wanted to sit in his lap! Crazy Captain never know WHAT to expect!

Just before we left the store Sydney spotted one more exhibit she thought we needed to see. So off we went to pet the snake! I really didn't think CC would try it - but he loved it the most!

After we loaded up the car we headed out to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. On the way we passed The Dump. We'd been seeing advertisements for this furniture store for quite a while so after lunch we went on over and walked through the store. To say the least, this was quite an experience with CC. He did much better than at Khols, but because he tends to look around more than he looks forward it was only mildly surprising when he ran into one of the dollies they use to move the furniture from place to place. Good things kids bounce, LOL. He wasn't hurt at all - and everyone around had a good laugh with him...
We didn't do too much more when we got home. Everyone was pretty tired and it was decided that sandwiches and goldfish with ice cream for dessert sounded like a pretty good end of they day.
Today was a very busy day for everyone!

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