Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memaw Camp ~ The final day! is a sad, sad day...the final day of Memaw camp ~ part 1.

Pepaw and I were up early again since he had to go to work. I was hoping that CC would sleep a little longer, and he did. I was able to enjoy several cups of coffee and listen to the birds outside for about an hour before I heard the door slam and turned to see a grinning face and hear the chirpping "Hi Memaw". The day was starting.

CC climbed up in the recliner and requested "Robots", so I put it in for him and he watched that for a little bit while I fixed some cinnamon toast, grapes, and cantaloupe for breakfast. Once the girls were awake everyone came in to the table and ate, chatted, and laughed. Then it was time to get ready to go to the park. This is something they had been asking to do all week and MOTS was specially excited. I filled up the water jug with lots of ice and water and we headed out.

Now, I run this area for my "speed" training just about every morning in the summer and I SHOULD be familiar with it, right? Well, there seems to be a difference when you are running and when you are walking at 2 year old speed. Sheesh. We walked, and walked, and WALKED. I didn't think we were EVER going to get to the turnoff. Hollywood actually found a bench along the way to sit down on and rest. We finally got to the turnoff, walked across the bridge, and made the turn to the park. Uh-oh...this was NOT what MOTS and I remembered! There wasn't a tree anywhere near the eqipment or seats, it was bone dry with lots of dead plants in the "garden" area, and the grass was more brown than green. Captain Chaos walked over to the small play area, climbed up the steps, went down the slide one time and announced he was ready to go home! OK...well then....hmmmmmmmm. We turned around and walked back. It was hot, we were all tired, and all I could think about was how glad I was that I brought the water jug. We made frequent stops so all could get drinks and I poured water over their heads to keep them cool. Chaos would laugh and laugh because the cold water tickled! I went back later and measured the walk. We had actually walked 1.25 miles to get to the park and back home!

Once we got home we decided we were very hungry so we went over to the McDonalds. The kids ate and then played at the playplace. Much better! I read for a while. I let them play until both girls were "done", then we peeled Captain Chaos off the play equipment and headed back to the house.

Back home it was time to do a little picking up again and then enjoy some TV in the nice air conditioned comfort of the living room! I told them that after CC got up from his nap we would go to the OTHER park and feed the ducks. This was quite exciting news and everyone tried to stay very quiet so CC would go to sleep.....yeah, right!

He did finally sleep about 3:30 - AFTER I promised that we would leave the house no later than 4:00 because we had to be packed up and ready to go meet their parents when Pepaw got home from work. We let him sleep while we got everything (HAH - like they weren't going to forget SOMETHING) packed up and ready to load in the car. At 4:05 we were loaded in the car. As the garage door was going up I hear this small voice from the backseat, "Did anyone get the bread for the ducks?" Ooops. I shut off the car, ran back into the house, grabbed the bread, gave the dog another treat, locked the door, jumped back into the car, and we were off.

When we got to the park we found we were the only people silly enough to be out in the Texas heat at 4:00 in the afternoon! Even the ducks were fighting over the shade! It was OK though - once they found out we had food they came running!

After we finished feeding the ducks we drove back home just in time to meet Pepaw. He changed clothes and we were off to meet {C} and Partyboy for dinner. We had a great dinner, we listened to stories about their trip, they listened to stories about Memaw camp and finally it was time for hugs, kisses, and goodbyes. We got them all loaded in their truck and we got into our car. As we were driving off we were talking about how much we were going to miss the kids. We were still laughing at some of the things that had happened over the past 5 days when I looked at Pepaw and said, "Do you hear that?" AHHHHHHHHH, quiet. (but I am going to miss them - this old house is TOO quiet some days!)

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