Friday, June 18, 2010

Memaw Camp Gets Started

First, for those of you that don't know - I've been doing "Memaw camp" every summer for about 8 or so years now. It started out because I was "off" for the summer, my DD and DSIL wanted to work summer youth camp for their church and needed someone to watch the baby. Enter Memaw. They kept talking about going to camp and MOTS was very upset that she wasn't going to camp too, so {C} told her she WAS going to camp - Memaw Camp. So, every summer she comes for a week and we do all kinds of fun stuff. Since the inception MOTS has been joined by Hollywood and Captain Chaos. DH and I always try to incorporate all kinds of activities for them, and to live by our motto: Squeeze 'em up, Sugar 'em up, Send 'em home.

This is the first of two Memaw camps this summer and even though the kids only got here last night we are already having a TON of fun.

They arrived last night full of excitement. Captain Chaos most of all. Even though he was with us last summer he doesn't much remember it and has been asking his mommy, "How many more sleeps until Memaw camp" for a while now. It was FINALLY time!

We took everyone to Soup or Salad for dinner, then Mommy and Daddy left and it was just us and the Grandkids.....whew!

We all gathered around the TV to watch "Enchanted" and it was fairly quiet for about 20 minutes or so....until Captain Chaos discovered that he could be an acrobat!
He found if he spun our recliner around just so........he could crawl or jump from the chair to the couch and back! After each jump he would put his hands in the air and say with such excitement, "I DID IT!" Scary for Memaw, but entertaining for everyone else.

After I recovered from that little adventure we settled back into the movie. I could see the wheels turning in Chaos' head as he looked over to our collection of weights. He wandered over and checked out the tricep bar first. It was hilarious to see his booty go up and down as he tried to lift the weights. He quickly announced, "I can't" and moved on to the free weights. He found the 3 lb weight and moved it over. He then looked at us, bent over, picked it up in both hands (like a barbell) and "deadlifted" it over his head. He was so proud that he could lift it by himself!

Can't wait for the adventure to continue today! I'll let you know how it went!

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