Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memaw Camp ~ Day 4

A comparitively calm day here at Memaw camp. Pepaw had to go to work today so we got up early to get in a little exercise before the kids got up. I got dressed in my "walking" gear and headed out to the little lake nearby to go walking with my friend. We meet up there three times a week during the summer. She is getting ready to start the C25K training in September so we are picking up the speed.

I walked in the door at 6:15 AM and was greeted by .... CAPTAIN CHAOS! I couldn't beleive he was already up. Poor Pepaw was standing there nodding his head saying "Yep, he's up and ready for action!" I had to laugh. Pepaw told me he had gotten dressed for work and was sitting on the side of the bed tying his shoes when he and the dog heard a door slam. They looked at each other and said, "HUH?" He opened the door and there stood CC looking at them. He grinned really big and said, "Hi Pepaw!"

I hurried my shower so Pepaw could leave for work and came in to plan the day. Our first stop today was going to be the pool ~ It has been really hot and I thought that would be a nice cool activity and they could all burn a little energy. They had a BLAST...

After the pool we all came back and got ready to go eat some lunch. MOTS picked Subway so off we went. The two younger ones wanted the kid's meals and MOTS was a little upset. She claims that she and Hollywood generally split a 6" meatball sub. No problem I told her...order one just for you! Her eyes looked like saucers when I told her that, she gladly obeyed my request, lol. Once all the orders were put together the kids were getting into their seats and dividing up the meals. MOTS was helping me get the drinks situated when I hear Chaos's voice, "OH NO." NEVER a good sound. I look over at the table and there stands MOTS, nearly in tears, with her drink going all over the table and floor. "This always happens when I try to help them!" Again, not a problem. I grabbed some extra napkins, we mopped up the spilled drink ~ all 32 ozs., refilled, and got re-situated. THEN we were able to really enjoy our meals!
Once that was taken care of it was off to Target. I wanted to get the movie "UP". I hadn't seen it, the kids like it, and I wanted we got it. We also picked up "Ferngully", "Robots", and "Milo and Otis", as well as a journal, some Jolly Rancher gummies, and a bat and ball....hmmmmm, can you say "Memaw is an easy touch when shopping?", LOL...

The trip home was quite uneventful and we piled on the couch to watch "UP". Chaos sat still for the first part, but soon left to go play with his puzzle. Once that movie was over we watched "Ferngully". It was very cute. Chaos hadn't seen this one before and was captured by the animation so he sat down on the floor to watch. Next thing I knew this is how he was watching!
Yes, 6:00 AM is early for a 2 year old and makes for a long day...Even Captain Chaos couldn't fight off the nap today!

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