Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our 2nd Lovejoy Run

The Lovejoy run, which benefits all sports at Lovejoy High School is one of our favorites simply because it is so well run. This year was made all the more special because my parents, son, daughter, and grandkids were all there cheering for us!

We got there early (as always) and walked the kids around so they could see the booths that were set up. The Chick-fil-A cow was there and Peyton finally decided he was "OK". After we had a few pictures made with him we took the kids to get their faces painted. They were still getting that taken care of when the call was made to line up for the 5K, so Rick and I left the family at the face painting area and headed for the start line.

Madison and Peyton with the Chick-Fil-A Cow!
The run itself was pretty uneventful. The gun went off, we started the race; I hit the start timer button on the Garmin and it totally shut down. DEAD BATTERY, WHAT? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? OK...guess I'm on my own as far as pacing goes for this race. I always forget about the hill at the begining when you are leaving the parking lot and going out onto the highway...man, that thing is tough. I AM glad it is at the beginning of the race and not at the end though. I made it to the first water stop and got a drink...I was tickled that I was fairly close to Rick. Made it to the turn-around and could still see him....made it back to the water stop - did NOT stop, and could still see him! I didn't lose him until he made his turn into the parking lot from the highway. That is the closest I've ever stayed to him in a 5K since we started running our own races....I was excited. Maybe this would be the time I'd breat that stupid 30 minute barrier!

Rick getting ready to cross the finish line in 28:36

I ran down the hill, through the parking lot, around the corner and I could see the finish. I heard my name and there was Madison. She had promised me she would wait close to the finish line and help me across and sure enough, there she was. I was a little surprised, and I stutter stepped to let her catch me and off we went. We crossed the finish line together! I was so proud to be with her!
Me getting ready to cross the finish, just before Madison joined me!
When they posted the results it turned out I had finished in 30:00:03! Just 4 100ths of a second from breaking that barrier. And WITHOUT the Garmin to pace me. I know it will happen soon.....I'll let you know! Oh, and by the way...I took 2nd in my age group too!

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