Monday, June 21, 2010

Memaw Camp ~ Day 3

Today was a calmer day at Memaw Camp. We only had one activity planned for the day ~ Toy Story 3! The kids were up pretty early and ready to go. They were eager and excited. We loaded up and headed to the theater. We got there about 30 minutes before the movie started, found our seats (on the very back row as usual), and MOTS and I headed down to the refreshment stand for "breakfast". Each child got his/her own "kid-pack" of popcorn, drink, and candy. Now I haven't done this in quite a long time - the last time I got a kid pack you simply ordered the thing and told them what drink you wanted...not so you have to choose your candy too. Sure glad I had MOTS with me. She selected some kind of Extreme Sour ropes or some such thing I'd never heard of! We got everything situated, stopped and picked up a booster seat for CC and headed back up the stairs. Once I got back up there and Pepaw and I got everything passed out I was just getting ready to sit down when Hollywood decided it was "break time"...sooooooo back down the stairs we went. Once we got that little chore taken care of I finally got to settle back in my seat. Hmmm...the good news is I only had to sit through the 3D previews!

The movie was REALLY good. I have loved ALL the Toy Story movies but I do believe this is the first one that actually made me cry! If you go be warned ~ take tissues with you! All the kids did a great job. CC only made one loud comment during the entire movie and it was at an appropriate time so all the folks around us laughed with us and no one got upset with him...a good thing!

When the credits rolled we packed up the trash and glasses and headed down the stairs to leave. When we finally got out to the lobby this is what we were greeted with ~
and that isn't the half of it! He was COVERED in the sour coating from the Extreme candy from his toes to his hair! It was EVERYWHERE! Everyone we passed was cracking up looking at him. We drove right on over to Whataburger (Hollywood's lunch choice) and I ordered the meals while Pepaw managed clean-up duty. While we were there Cotton called to see what the plans were for the day ~ he met us back at the house for a relaxing afternoon of visiting, playing with the kids and dogs, and watching the US Open. Made for a great Father's Day for Pepaw!

By the end of the afternooon it was definitely time to start picking up around the house. All three kids went back to the back bedroom to pick up clothes and toys with no argument. After just a few minutes I hear one of the girls screech all THREE of Captain Chaos' given names. This is NEVER a good thing! I walk back to see what is going on and I'm greeted by Chaos running around the room with an empty puzzle box on his head yelling "Look at my hat, look at my hat!" It was determined by all that it would probably be for the best if CC took a little "time out" of cleaning. He came in and sat down on the couch to join Pepaw watching some golf. After about 5 minutes we looked over and saw ...

Today was a very good day!

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