Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool Tools

Today I got the opportunity to try out my newest toy~my Garmin. DH and I waited until about 8:00 pm to go for our brisk walk around the block so I could see if I could get the Garmin to work. DS (Dear Son) was kind enough to show me how to get it all started. I hit the start button and off we went! Around our block ended up being 1.58 miles. We walked it in 23:22 with an average pace of 14:39. So much GREAT information!

Once we finished our walk I came in and uploaded the information to the software. Hmmmmm, OK, it took a bit for me to figure out what I was looking at, and once again it was DS to the rescue. He came in and showed me how to look at only one data graph at a time so I would know what I was seeing. That was pretty cool.

THEN I wanted to try out some new software I had found on the web to try to get even MORE information. So DH helped me download the software from the website and I installed SoftTracks. We got that up and running and I imported the data from my Garmin. It was REALLY simple you ask? Well, I did it MYSELF! I didn't need help from DH or DS! This software allows me to take the satellite information from my Garmin and look at it with Google maps, an arial view, or a topographical map...just to name a few functions. I can keep my runs in different folders, I can track my activity by week and month...I haven't even begun to explore all the capabilities! It was just the coolest thing for me to be able to look at the simple route around the block on a Google map when I didn't have to do any more than click on the title of the type of map I wanted to see!

Now I ask you, aren't those some COOL TOOLS!?!

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