Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running on...

Yesterday was our Day of Rest. I pretty much did that too, lol! Of course I did the day to day stuff...but stayed away from the exercise. I actually thought about asking y'all for some extra credit since I thought about running. You know...Teacher + Summer = No Thinking. If that is the case then Teacher + Summer + Thinking About Running = Extra Credit...or at least credit for letting it run across my mind, LOL!

Today was a day for the upper body ciruit. I was planning on running after the circuit, but my toes are still so sore. The skin under and around the nail is turning black and the toes themselves look a little swollen. They feel pretty good until I bang them against something, or the dog steps on them! Anyway, we were getting ready to go the club and I slipped on my running shoes and told DH, "No running tonight for me...I can feel my toes rubbing the tops of my shoes!" So.....I think we are going to go ahead and run in the morning ~ that is the plan anyway. We'll have to wait and see if we can get up early enough to do it!

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