Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garmin run

Today I got to test out my new Garmin for REAL. DS, DH, and I all got up at 5:00 AM and after a little nourishment headed out for White Rock Lake. The trail around the lake is 9 miles long and thus would be the longest recorded run for both DH and me. (For sure the longest - my Nike+ told me I ran over 11 mies! LOL)

DS is in the middle of training for a marathon so his training run would be quite different from ours! He needed to run "slow" so he said he'd stay with us - little whipper-snapper! However, his slow is about as fast as I can go 10:00 - 10:30 minute miles.

We did pretty good for the first 3.5 miles and stayed within sight anyway. It was cool to be able to look down at the Garmin and see how fast (on average) I was going and how far. After about 4 miles I had to start taking walk breaks. It really bummed me out because I don't have to do it nearly as often on the treadmill and I always feel I should be stronger. We finished the 6.2 of a 10K in about the same time we finished the one we ran in Dublin in June...right at about 1:07...

From there, for me it was downhill. My "laps" (miles) got slower and final mile was at a 12:49 pace. I can almost WALK that fast. I need a LOT more practice to get ready for both my 10K in October AND my half in November. I hope it cools down considerably between now and then as I really think that will help. We did finish the 9.05 miles in 1:44. Not bad for a first try I guess. Gives me something to gage progress with anyway.

I don't know how other runners write such great reports on their runs. They all talk about all the things they see as they run. If I tried to do that you would get a great report on the asphalt and my shoes. I do look at the trail - but all I see is exactly what is in front of me - I hope this gets better with time as well.

I did have one experience that was pretty new for me. As we crossed the bridge at about 8.5 miles in I couldn't feel my legs anymore. It was a very bizzare feeling - kinda like floating, but not really. I'll tell you what though...I can sure feel my toes tonight! I have two tonails with blisters around and under them. The third toe on each foot. Wierd huh? I would think that I would have trouble with my Big toe, or my long toe which is right next to it...why the third toe? Oh well...they'll either get better or fall off...either way they'll quit hurting!

I'm looking forward to my next Garmin run soon!

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