Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks Lance!

Have you ever had one of THOSE days?!? Today was one of those for me. I was in my second day of class~a training class on differentiation for the gifted and talented children in the classroom. For me, any day in training is just draining...it takes so much to stay mentally focused and attentive that by the time class was over I was just wiped OUT! I came home and thought about what our training was to be tonight. Ahhhhhhh upper body circuit. Tough, but doable. I checked e-mail, read a few of my favorite blogs, and almost fell asleep at the computer. I picked up my cell (to wait for DH to call and let me know he was on his way home) and went to the living room to veg out a bit...in reality I was hoping I could catch a quick cat nap and mabe re-energize. Got the call, was ALMOST dozing, when I just about jumped out of my skin! WHAT was that? Something had "swished" across my foot. AH HA! There sat the dog with a VERY guilty look on his face...he had been licking my bare foot!!! Well, no chance for a cat nap now! My heart was going to take all the time I had just to get back to a normal pulse again. I just wasn't sure how this "exhaustion" was going to affect my workout! Once DH got home we quickly changed into our workout clothes and headed toward the gym. We did our upper body circuit and I headed for the treadmill. I had my "trusty" Nike+ with me so I plugged in and took off. I started off at my "new" pace I'm shooting for (about 9:40) but after a quarter mile I knew this was NOT going to be the night. I felt like I was made of lead from the waist down. My legs were sluggish - as if I were running through water - I wasn't sore, I wasn't breathing irregularly, I just didn't have anything in my legs! My co-worker that runs triathalons told me once this was called "carrying the bear". Well, I wasn't going to give up so I just slowed the pace down a little and kept going. I would shift from about a 10:30 to a 9:50 pace and anywhere in between. Whatever I did I simply wasn't going to give up and walk if I could help it. I finally was able to speed it up when I only had a half mile left in my 5K and I finished up with a treadmill time of 30:42 (Nike+ time was 31:42 for 3.13 miles). Not bad, but not quite what I was hoping for tonight.

Now, I bet you are wondering why I titled this "Thanks Lance!" With the Nike+ when you run faster or farther than you ever have different sports figures come on and tell you what a great job you are doing. I haven't heard from anybody in a L-O-N-G time, lol. Here I was tonight, feeling bummed because I know I can do better when what do I hear? Lance Armstrong saying "Congratulations! You have just completed 250 miles!" Now, no matter what, THAT is something you can be proud of~Ok, maybe I can keep doing this after all...and so I say with uplifted spirits, Thanks, Lance!


{C} said...

How Funny! Lance congratulated me for running farther than ever before last night....3 whole miles. LOL

runningmemaw said...

I congratulate you too! You are doing great - keep up the good work!

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