Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Morning Musings

Well, we did it! Got up at 5:00 this morning and ran our little hearts out! I really wasn't sure about the pounding on my not-so-little feet, but they did OK. My back started out stiff, but loosened up and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

I do have a question for you runners out there though. When is this supposed to start feeling good? I keep waiting. Is there a time? A distance? A miracle? When I first started running I kept hearing about the runner's high...the endorphins that kick in and make you feel so good. I didn't feel it when I started running from fire hydrant to fire hydrant and they said "run farther". I didn't feel it when I ran a mile and they said "run farther". I didn't feel it running a 5K and they said "run farther". I didn't feel it when I ran a 10K and they said "run farther". I didn't feel it when I ran 9.05 miles Sunday either...I am REALLY hoping I feel it sometime during my training for the 1/2 marathon I've signed up for in November! Don't get me wrong. I enjoy running to a certain extent. It isn't easy for me, I struggle mightily, but I do enjoy getting out there and being active. I really enjoy the races. There is such camaraderie out there with the racers and spectators and volunteers. It just makes you kind of smile inside even when your thighs are on fire and your calves are so knotted up you are sure you aren't going to be walking anywhere for the next week after the race.

Anyway, I ramble, on with this mornings run. It was really humid and there was lightening in the sky far, far away. Looked pretty cool though! We took off from the house for our little run around the block. If we go twice around our block it turns out to be 3.19 miles...a good distance for us. This morning we did the first mile in 10:12. Not too bad, but I think I could have done a little better if my back hadn't been so stiff. Mile two was my favorite...we did it in 9:53. I am so proud of that little single digit in front of the colon. We have worked really hard for that! Mile 3 we hit the hill at the backside of our path again and being the last mile it REALLY slowed us down. We posted a 10:23 there. Then it was the final .19 which was pretty much all downhill and it showed on the 8:45 pace! Gotta love it! All in all we did the 3.19 miles in 32:08 for an average pace of 10:04. We finished together, which is always cool. Next week I want to bring it in under 32 and we'll work from there! Gotta run...

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