Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mundane "stuff" day

Today has simply flown by believe it or not. Started out by going to my WW meeting. Why is it that I seem to be the only person in the world that can run for 90 minutes, catch a 1500 calorie deficit and still gain a pound? It is amazing to me!

WW was a riot as we talked about simple acknowlegement of tiny, itty-bitty successes along the journey and some of us got a little out of control, for example when one of the ladies said to get your toenails painted...we were all laughing out loud at what the guys in the room were saying about THAT. Thank heavens we have an awsome group in our meeting that aren't afraid to laugh at themselves at every is what keeps DH and I coming back week after week!

DH and I then headed over to the gym for our upper body circuit. No run with it today since tomorrow is our long run and we want to save our legs. (I wonder if we could come up with a "Save Our Legs Charity 5K". All donations gladly accepted!)

After a trip to the post office and Lunch at GC (Golden Corral for those of you that don't know us well)...we stopped by Costco to fill the fridge with our fruits, vegetables, milk, and FUDGE BARS! We are absolutely hooked on Healthy Choice Fudge bars. They are soooo good! We also ended up buying a new mattress topper hoping that it will help with the intermittent back pain that I suffer from. We tried it out and it seems comfortable enough in the short term but I'm holding back my final judgement until I've lain on it for 6 hours or more, LOL.

I've pretty much spent the rest of the day doing laundry and reading blogs...there are some really good ones out there. My problem is if it is one that really interests me I have this compulsion that says I must start at the first post and read THE WHOLE THING! That takes time my friends, and my books that are stacked next to my couch are beginning to protest!

The hour is getting late and that new mattress topper is beckoning, of course so is the dryer so guess I'll go finish that final load and hit the sack. 5:00 AM is early and White Rock will be calling in the morning!

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