Tuesday, October 14, 2014

40 Years Together!

June 15th, 2014 marked our 40th anniversary.  Doesn't seem that long until I look at my children - they certainly aren't babies anymore!

Cotton and Angel went to Whistler, Canada to ski for her birthday in January.  When they got back home they came by for a visit and we all went out to dinner together so they could tell us all about their trip.  During the conversation they mentioned that they kept hearing over and over how beautiful it was there in the summer months.  They asked if we would like to go for our anniversary...of course we jumped at the chance so the four of us went together to Whistler for a week in June.  I'll break the posts up a little because I did take a few pictures!

We arrived in Vancouver and picked up our rental car and headed toward Whistler.  Really wished we had time to just sight-see in Vancouver, but we were too excited to get started!  It seemed like every time you blinked there was a turnout you could stop in to take in the beautiful scenery.  We did stop at Shannon Falls near Squamish because it was labeled a point of interest on the map we got from the car rental place.  We were so glad we did!!!!

Cotton and Angel in front of Shannon Falls

The parking is free and it is a short hike to this area (where a LOT of people pose to get their picture taken), then you can also hike a bit further up and see the top of the falls. I walked down a little side trail and snapped this picture of the river at the bottom of the falls.

We checked in to the hotel and rode the shuttle into Whistler just to acclimate ourselves and get a bite of dinner then took the shuttle back and called it a day...not a bad start.

We got up early the next day and Cotton and Angel took us right out behind the hotel to show us where they would take the ski lifts in the winter - and how the skiers just skied right back to the hotel.  We walked one of the trails just behind our hotel.

These flowers were in the field right behind the hotel.

I think these are Arctic Lupine - a common wildflower in the area.

We walked further up the trail while Cotton and Angel did their morning runs and then headed back to the hotel.  Angel was walking in front and all of a sudden she turned around with eyes as big as saucers and said, "BEAR"!  She headed back up the trail as the rest of us hurried forward to catch a look at the bear!  It was pretty funny.  There were actually a pair of them and they were pretty far away.  I did manage to get a shot of one as he munched on the tender grass shoots along one of the pathways.

One of our next activities was back at Shannon Falls again.  Cotton wanted to walk the Upper Shannon Falls trail (which is more like mountain climbing to me!) and we wanted to take the Sea to Sky Gondola up to the Summit Lodge and the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge.  
Early morning light on Shannon Falls.

After we visited the falls again we walked on over to the base-camp...well, we missed a little turn and ended up on a path right next to the highway first where I found these beauties!


We figured out we weren't on the trail and made our way back and over to base-camp where we paid for 2 way tickets for Memaw, Pepaw, and Angel and a 1 way ticket for Cotton.  Cotton headed off for the trail up the mountain and we headed to the gondola!

When we got to the top it was cold and cloudy.  We walked over to the Bridge and walked across.  There are several trails here.

Angel crossing the bridge - look how cloudy it is!

Crossing the bridge

We decided to go ahead and hike the Spirit Trail while we waited for Cotton.  

View across the valley from the Spirit Trail.

At this point we weren't sure we were going to be able to get ANY pictures this trip! We walked the short trail and headed back to the Lodge and poked around in the shops and decided to go ahead and eat a bite.  We looked outside and it was starting to clear up considerably and then Angel saw Cotton come walking in - he made it!!!  He said it was tougher in some spots than he thought it would be but he had a good time!

Now we wanted to take him on the Panarama Trail

Quite a bit clearer, right?

Views from the trail

Cotton and Angel pose for me along the trail

Big Chief from the overlook on the Panarama Trail

We walked back over the Bridge to the Lodge and got some pictures from the deck there.

I watched them film part of a commercial (This entire area had only been open less than 1 month!)

You can see some of the lines for the Gondola on the right.


  After a great day we rode back down and headed back to the Shannon Falls parking lot.

It was a GREAT day - AWESOME memories - so much fun with the family.  We went into Whistler for dinner and then back to the hotel room where I got this lovely sunset from our balcony.

 We were really looking forward to more fun and adventure the rest of our time here!

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