Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trip to New Orleans - January 2012

Pepaw and I took a trip to New Orleans for a photo convention.  It was an amazing time and we attended a lot of seminars (I learned a LOT) and we took a lot of pictures.  At the time I was still thinking of this as my "running" blog so I wasn't putting up many pictures (until March that is)!  I was actually loading most of my pictures on Facebook with small comments.  Today as I was going through one of the blogs I follow she had some pictures of New Orleans and I thought about our trip - I went back to Facebook and checked my blog and realized I hadn't put them ANYWHERE! They were just out there in limbo.  So here they are with the few things I can remember about taking them on that trip....reminding me WHY I blog! This is my journal - I write and put my pictures up here so I CAN remember, a "history" if you will.  Looking at them I can remember taking them, but I can't remember the finer details - the order, what we were doing, exactly where we were....those are the things I write about...I now know how important that is to me and yet another reason for the morphing of the blog.

This first picture is of St. Louis Cathedral taken from the park across the street.  I remember seeing the reflection and working and working until I could get the right of my favorites because I actually "saw" it before I shot it!

Inside the mall - absolutely loved the colors!

One of the street performers.  He was so kind and let us take LOTS of pictures...this was my favorite of those that I shot.

 There were lots of decorations like this - again...I love the colors.

Bikes on the street with LOTS of beads!

 One of the storefronts on one of our "hikes".

Bottles in the window.
Horse and carriage.

Flowers in the garden

 Views along the street.

Of course we had to eat breakfast at Cafe du Monde at least once.
He was performing very near our table there.

Many times when we are out shooting Pepaw will capture a shot of me taking my pictures.  Sometimes I catch him, but most often I don't know it until we get back home and we are sharing our pictures.  I really liked this one.

These bring back good memories!

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