Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Sunny Hot Springs.

It was our last day in the area and the sun finally came out for a bit.  We had hiked most of the campground so we decided to go back into Hot Springs again and see what it looked like when it wasn't rainy! We headed back up to the Grand Promenade again.

 Isn't it pretty with some sunshine?

The roof of one of the bath-houses as seen from the Grand Promenade.

I felt lucky to be able to get this cardinal in the greenery. (Looks like Christmas!)

A lovely place to sit and people watch.

The view across the street...

Buildings being restored - Lower levels are shops.

Remember the Valley of the Vapors when it was cold and wet?

This is the same area when it is cold and drier...

The stairway from the Grand Promenade to the Valley of the Vapors.

Bench at street level.

After we had walked the Grand Promenade again we decided to head back up to the observation tower - the people were so nice, when they found out we had been there during the cold and rain they allowed us to go back up again and didn't even charge us!  At first we couldn't go to the highest level because there was still ice on the walkway, but before we left we were able to get up there and look at the view.

We headed back to the park to start getting things ready to pack up so we could leave bright and early the next morning to head up north to Petit Jean State Park but we had to stop to get a couple of pictures of sunset.  
The power plant across the lake.

 After I took that shot I turned around and saw this...

 What a beautiful end to our stay at a beautiful campground!

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