Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Sunrise

As hard as it is to get up at dark-thirty and walk to a pre-selected area and get all set up - this was worth it!  We walked to the Devil's Waterhole and got all ready for the sunrise.  At first it looked like we would be out of luck, there appeared to be some low clouds that would prevent the early morning light we like.  I walked around and found a spot near the falls and took a few shots.

 Slowly the clouds broke and the light began to filter over the rocks and lit up a few of the grasses growing out of the rocks along the stream.

Then we looked up and the fog above the falls was GLOWING! That was so much fun!

I walked across the stream bed and took another try at the grasses growing along the edge.

After we got home I got to playing with the reflection I took in Lightroom and created this "masterpiece"...doesn't it look like a painting?  It was fun to try flipping the image and playing with it in a new way.

That was pretty much all I got this trip.  I'll have to check and see where else we have been!

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