Saturday, October 4, 2014


It has been far too long since I last posted in my "marathon journal".  I am not running...not at the moment anyway.  Injuries sidelined me first - weight and work keep me from where I want to be...but I WILL get there! 

I've been switching from reading running blogs to reading "retirement" blogs.  Those are blogs of folks that have taken the plunge and become part of the traveling RV family.  Some are full-timers, some part-timers, but all are on the road and writing about their adventures.  I don't think I could EVER do a daily journal - my life just simply isn't THAT interesting, but I do think I could update when we travel and take our pictures. 

With that thought in mind I went back to the next trip we took after we went to Palo Duro Canyon over Thanksgiving of 2012 (can you believe that is almost two years ago now!).  Our next trip was spring break and we took off to go camping at Inks Lake State Park.  

After we got our campsite set up we went for our first hike.  Our site was close to the Devil's Waterhole so we walked there first.

 An HDR painting photo of one of the trees along Spring Creek near Devil's Waterhole

We then decided to walk another trail closer to the lake to look for spots where we could set up to shoot the sunrise. Love seeing the native plants along the trail and sharing the view overlooking the lake as the sun slowly set.

 One of the many Yucca cactus along the trail

 Have you ever looked at a Yucca from the top?

 Sun through the clouds over Inks Lake 

 Love the God's Rays showing through the clouds over the lake in this view

 Sun going down over the cove

 Reflection of sunset in the cove at Inks Lake 

That was pretty much it for our arrival day.  We went out just a little on Sunday as well - can't remember too much WHY now, that would be why I need to write these as soon as we get back - which is where I am headed!  Anyway... here are the shots from Sunday!
I had never really looked at Yucca blooms close up before, they are really quite pretty!

I loved the play of light on the cactus and rocks as the sun set.

And finally at the end of the day the deer came out to play!

That's all for today - but I'll come back soon to share sunrise over Devil's Waterhole and our trip to Longhorn Cavern State Park as well.


Pam said...

My running comes and goes too. I've got some off and on foot issues and some mild allergy induced asthma. I alternate walking with running when one of them is acting up. As long as I can at least keep running 3 minutes at a time with rests in between it helps keep the running instinct intact I find. I ran 10 minutes straight at the gym today and then had to switch to intervals - it was a pretty good day! As long as you keep trying that's all that matters.

runningmemaw said...

Thanks for the encouragement Pam! Right now we are walking quite regularly...trying for those 10,000 steps most days. Some days are successful, some not so much. We are getting there, slowly but surely - I just really needed to get back into the blogging again. A place to write those memories down before they are gone, LOL.

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