Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ft. Richardson With The 'Rents

It was decided that Mom, Dad, Pepaw, and I would take a trip in the new pop-up (yet to be named) to Ft. Richardson for the 4th of July.  It would be our first trip in the camper and Mom and Dad's second.

This is a Historic Fort and Pepaw and I enjoyed walking around the first day getting some pictures.  Our favorite saying of our time there was "Look at all that cactus!"

Next to one of the Historic buildings in the park.

We got up early our first morning there and I loved the way the light hit this unusual blossom...

but because we hadn't really had time to scope out the park we really missed the best light at the best places... no problem we still had time and knew we would be up early the next day as well...
We went up next to the visitor center and I got this shot of a turtle swimming under the water above the algae...the water was so clear in the small lake!

We got up early the next morning and walked over to the area we had found the day before and got set up for the sunrise.

Loved the way the light lit up the colors of the small cliffs next to the tiny lake.

Nothing quite like the golden light of morning!


It pays to get up early - sunrise over the visitor's center

My bird friend was trying to wake everyone in the park up to enjoy the sunrise!

Went back to the campsite and just enjoyed some family time!

Camper and screen shelter.

Mom, Dad, and Memaw


Ruth said...

Looks like a really pretty park. Love the pictures of the light on the cliffs and the yellowy colour of the sunrise with the tree.

runningmemaw said...

Thank you! It was a very nice park - and quite interesting as well. Thank you so much for stopping by again!

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