Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunflowers in Allen!

Last summer we were driving down the highway between McKinney and Allen and Rick noticed the field that was usually colored toast brown with grasses was bright yellow instead.  We decided to investigate, so we turned off to the access road, drove around the side streets and ended up next to this beautiful field that had been planted with sunflowers.  We decided we would come back the next morning and take some pictures.  
Greeting the Sun

Pink skies abound

Don't think I ever looked closely at the back of a sunflower before.

Or ever noticed the different stages of a blossom opening.

I enjoyed the sunflowers and clouds,

row after row of sunflowers,

 and the sun flitering though the petals.

Some fun with Black and White :)

Center and petals,

backs and stems, they were all a feast for the eyes!

The field was absolutely beautiful.

We really enjoyed our time there.  Unfortunately, there were some people that felt they could just walk anywhere, smash the flowers, we even saw some people PICKING BUNCHES TO TAKE HOME!  I couldn't believe it!  They ended up putting up caution tape to try and keep people out, and the police came by several times.  Needless to say - this year the field was back to grasses again.  It was beautiful while it lasted though.

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