Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lake Catherine State Park - Arkansas

Still chasing the fall colors Pepaw and I went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving week.  We were a little late for the prime viewing, but the colors were still there and we had a GREAT time!  We would be camping at Lake Catherine State Park from Saturday through Wednesday, then moving to Petit Jean State Park Wednesday and coming home on Saturday.  

Lake Catherine State Park was beautiful.  Very quiet at this time of year - there were a few RV's parked close to the lake, but we were the only tent in our entire area.  In fact they opened one of the shower areas just for us!  Here are some pictures we took on Sunday after our arrival.

Decorations at the Administration Building.

Fall color across the street.

The leaves on the tree just outside the Administration Building were beautiful.

This beautiful Sugar Maple was just across the street.

Color along the road to our campsite.

Our campsite for the duration of our stay.

Photos from the picnic area across from our campsite.



It is a beautiful park and we were looking forward to exploring more of the trails and surrounding area!

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