Sunday, October 12, 2014

Falls Branch Trail

Our first hike at Lake Catherine State Park would be the Falls Branch Trail. It was cold and overcast but we were up for it and anxious and eager to take some more pictures!

Not too far from the trail-head you come to the first of several bridges.

Some of the small falls along the trail.

Another small bridge to cross.

The third (and longest) bridge.  This is looking back after crossing.

Loved this stone that was on the hill just past the bridge.

Walking along we could hear the falls just ahead!

The falls!

Rocks were set across the stream so you could get to the other side to take photos.

Couldn't resist this shot - It was COLD out there! 

 The trail was lovely - fairly easy hike and the falls were beautiful.  We hiked the longer way around, you can also get to the falls a little easier if you hike the trail backwards!

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