Monday, October 13, 2014

Petit Jean State Park

As planned we were up nice and early to pack the gear and head on North to Petit Jean State Park.  We got to the park fairly early and there was no problem getting a site...not so many people tent camping when it gets down to 19 degrees at night!  We drove around the park a bit to check it out and came across the Lodge.  We looked at each other and decided if they had a room we would take it instead of setting up camp!  Well, come to find out this is a VERY popular spot in this area for Thanksgiving.  The Lodge has a Thanksgiving buffet and people come from miles around to reservations are made a year in advance!!!  We got the info on the lunch buffet and took our weary bones to the campsite to set up the tent. 

Thanksgiving morning saw us up bright and early to go to the overlook for some sunrise pictures.

Sunrise panarama

Morning mist in the over the Arkansas River.

Golden light touches a pine at the overlook.

The view.

Early morning sun touches the valley below.

Since we had some time we decided to take one of the short hikes in the park.

Bath time!

Icicles on a ledge by the river.

Ice covers the river.

After our morning hike we went on over to the Lodge for their AMAZING Thanksgiving buffet.  I can certainly see why folks drive for miles to join in the fun.  We got there early and were one of the first few to be seated, by the time we finished the line was out the door! Pretty sure we'll be back here again soon!

We needed to walk off some of that dinner so we decided to hike to Bear Cave - the trail is just outside the back door of the the lodge.

Looking up from Bear Cave at the light in the trees above.

After a long day of hiking fun we found ourselves back at the lodge for dinner looking out the wall sized windows watching the sun go down....

It was a fun trip full of unexpected twists and turns - Arkansas, we will have quite a bit to offer!!!


Ruth said...

What a beautiful way to start the day! Love the fall colours and the beautiful views.

runningmemaw said...

Thank you Ruth - you are very kind!

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