Monday, October 27, 2014

River's Edge - Oklahoma July 2010

Rick had read about this beautiful spot for a getaway - we were NOT disappointed.  We had an amazing weekend far from the crowds and enjoyed the beautiful area around our cabin.  

This was right at the beginning of our first hike.

As we got closer to the river I noticed this little guy.  He really was no bigger than my thumb!

Then, on a rock right on the edge of the river these butterflies were feeding.  They didn't move much at all!

Loved the beautiful, rushing water.

This greenery seems to be saying "Never give up!"

Pine cone along the river's edge.


A little purple "peek-a-boo"

And here they are!

A splash of color.

The river was calm, the sky was blue, and we were HOT!

I call this one "In the spotlight".

The water was so still here it was like a mirror.

This bench was the perfect place to stop, catch your breath, and reflect and enjoy the scenery!

Speaking of reflecting...

Loved the conflicting patterns on the rock and wood.

Then we came across these leaves just barely floating on a rock in the river.

But I think this was my favorite of the weekend.  It just seemed to capture the beauty and peace we felt the entire weekend.

 It was a great trip, and a great weekend.  We had a wonderful time and I sure wouldn't be sad if we repeated it again someday!

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Ruth said...

Looks like a beautiful weekend, so glad you were able to enjoy it!

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