Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Caddo Lake 2010

I recently wrote a post about our trip to Caddo Lake State Park in the fall (you can see that post here), but well before that trip we went in the summer - when vegetation is thick and green and the air is hot and muggy!  In this post I'll share what we saw in August of 2010.

These lures caught in the tree near the fishing pier were the first things that caught my eye, probably because that's where mine would have wound up!!!

After shooting a few pictures from the pier we walked down along the bank of the river.  It was still early enough to catch the light shining through the trees.

Then we decided to go on a hike. This is how the trail started...

then it became "steep and rugged" (according to the map, that is).  We actually completed the trail when we came back in the fall - that is where we found the beautiful pavilion...wish we had done it this time too! It was pretty warm to walk around in though!

As we were returning to our campsite Rick stopped so we could shoot some pictures of this honeysuckle vine climbing a pine tree.

I walked around the lake a little and this is what I saw along the edges...

and closer to the boat house/canoe rental area.

We stood on the pier to take sunset pictures.  Strangely enough the sky didn't look very pretty, but when I looked at the sunset reflected in the water.... 

We got up early for some sunrise pictures too.  This time the sky cooperated and I was able to get a shot of the sky growing pink through the trees.

Some early morning fishermen out on the water before the sun came over the horizon.

And the first kiss of sunlight!

 And finally the morning light filtering through the Spanish Moss...lovely!

 We had such a great time, and this is such a nice campground we knew we had to come back again!

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