Saturday, October 11, 2014

Final Stop - Maroon Bells

Our final stop was at one of the most photographed places in Colorado - Maroon Bells.  I was so excited to finally get here - but we were still ahead of the color.  

We got our tent set up and went to the lake to look around, the light wasn't right yet, so we headed into Aspen to look around.  Beautiful town - nice people too!  Headed back to camp to get everything ready to hike around the small lake, then get some sunset pictures of the reflecting Bells.

You can see the color is just beginning to change.

More fishing.

Still beautiful - even if the colors weren't really cooperating!

We walked on the short trail past the lake heading towards the mountain to get these shots.

Looking back at the lake.

These show more of the maroon color.

We got set up for some sunset shots - but alas, clouds were on the way so no beautiful colors...still the area is breathtaking.

We headed back to the tent planning on getting up to see if we could get some "star" shots early in the morning, then the sunrise.  I got up about midnight and when I got back to the tent Pepaw asked what the stars looked like.  I told him I couldn't see any stars (I didn't think anything about it at the time) About 4:00 in the morning we woke to POURING rain.  It slacked off just before the predicted sunrise so we thought we would head on over and see if the clouds would break - figured we would be some of the few photographers to go...WRONG!  We got to the parking area and it was PACKED!  Even with rain coming down the photographers were shoulder to shoulder all the way around the lake... We walked around a little and decided to call it.  The cloud cover was too thick and the rain didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon.  We broke camp and headed home. Not too disappointed... Hope to come back sometime we aren't on a time limited schedule and can wait for the shots we want - even if we arrive a week before the leaves begin to change!

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